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David P. Theisen Fire Fighter/Paramedic

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Published in Westerville News (February 18, 1998)

 We’ll Miss Theisen’s Love For Fire Fighting

Fire Fighter/Paramedic died on February 5, 1998 as a result of a house fire in
 Crooksville, Ohio, where he was a volunteer.

David and his nephew
David and his nephew Ross

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell exactly whom the City of Westerville lost as a professional and whom we lost as a brother.

David Theisen walked into our department and our lives in 1990 as part of a new part time class with a level of enthusiasm and love for this occupation that was difficult to rival. David’s goal was to become a career professional and looked to this fire department as a means to build a foundation of experience and education that would take him to that level. Knowing that Westerville would not be creating any new full time opportunities for a number of years was not a deterrent to his efforts. David became an intricate part of the department particularly in regards to his reliability to cover shifts in place of those of us who were on vacation or other staffing shortages.

Perhaps David’s most difficult challenge came in the form of completing his paramedic education. I watched David use every ounce of his determination through every failure and pitfall to achieve yet another of his goals. Those of us on one unit, whom he migrated his loyalty towards, shared in this accomplishment with him.  

David’s “brothers” know him as “Chicken Man”. Nicknames are as much a part of the tradition of the fire service as any, and with a last name of Theisen (pronounced “Tyson”) “Chicken Man” was an obvious choice. David Theisen was anything but a chicken though. He was a fire fighter’s fire fighter and took his calling to heart. His dedication not only to the profession, but to the communities of Westerville and Crooksville were apparent to those who knew him and those who received his help. In 1996, David made the front page of The Columbus Dispatch  METRO section feeding a bottle to a baby who had been in a day care center that experienced a ceiling collapse. What a shame that child will never know her “hero” for that day.

David’s proudest moment occurred a few short months ago in your chambers when Mr. Lindimore swore him in as one of Westerville’s newest full time fire fighters. David had finally realized his dream after seven long years of highs and lows. He beamed with pride as he introduced his parents and wife of only one year to us following the ceremony.

David Theisen was 29 years old. In his short life he made a difference, and will continue to make a difference in our lives as we redefine it without him. The citizens of many communities, especially those of us in Westerville and Blendon Township lost a protector and a hero.

I just thought you might like to know.

Written by David Bruns, fire fighter/paramedic Westerville Division of Fire

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